IW’s goal is to inspire you to question your inner universe in order to find the required ressources to build yourself out of the story you’d be proud to tell the world.

Be your best version and worship the art of being who you want to be !

Learn to live at your fullest potential. No more excuses, as time flies. But remember : you are the pilot of this journey !



Did you know the outer world is a reflection of your inner world ?

Ever thought how to make the world a more beautiful place ?

But why am I asking all this ? If you are all on board of this flight, there are high chances you might be into this quest for self-development.

Of course you know the answer that is : “Starting with myself !”



But next, you may ask yourself : “How ? How can I decode my inner life to get the most out of it ?”

Well, buy yourself a ticket to the most exciting journey of your lifetime. The journey of self discovery !

Throughout this journey, you will discover the Science of InnerWorld Mining ?

I’ll be here to help :)



No worries, we all tend to struggles with life questions and unsolved problems, cause we were taught this way.

People tend to make things complicated, instead of using focus to actually understand them.

Now, have you ever had this thought “What if things were diferent from the way I already know them ?” ?

What if self-development would be just as any other skill we learn in life ?

With a set of guidance, a little inspiration to push you through your moments of doubts (hey, it’s ok, we’re humans đŸ˜‰ ) and a community to share your achievements and to support you, anything can be taught.

Anything can be possible, anything can be improved.

It is all in your hands and the efforts you’ll be ready to put.

Give it a try ! The rest is pure excitement.


Who am I ?

I am a life learner. Just like you. Just like everbody else.

And this blog is helping me to structurize my thoughts, decode and give a sense to the noise in my head. Hopefully, eventually, it will become a source of inspiration for those of you being on the same self-development path.

I believe life stories and self-quests should be shared as they are the most valuable lessons we get to learn.

Enjoy this inner journey !