Breakfast in Budapest

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Love what you do and do what you love.

Don’t listen to anyone else who tells you not to do it.

You do what you want, what you love.

Imagination should be the center of your life.”

– Ray Bradbury

map-marker-iconBudapest, Hunagry Civil_Ensign_of_Hungary.svg


I remember myself being this huge coffee addicted, CRAZY about coffee shops. Just the idea of being in coffee shop gave me the goose bump.

Ok, you might think I am exagerating. What’s so good about those places anyways ?


My favourite weekends were spent writting with a large cup of coffee, somewhere outside my own place.

Though it was one of my biggest passions, I myself got trapped as well into the big circle of sabotage in which we see many people nowadays.

It is been 3 years I totally left aside this habit. Ever since, I write an article per year on average and even stopped drinking coffee (well, that was a wise choice considering the fact that I was getting addicted to it.).

What I mean is that although I always knew I enjoy creating, somehow I was convencing my mind that following my course of studies and turning my attention to an IT project, rather than writting, would be a “better choice”. “That could be fine as well, writting won’t get me anywhere”, I was thinking. “Do I ever want it anyway ?”

My mind had defintely got blinded.

Just because I was trapped into this or everyone else thought this way, didn’t mean that was the right thing to do.

  • Budapest

This summer I went to visit a friend in Budapest and he suggested we should see this place that has been entirely renovated.


Déryné was the first café and confectionery that opened specifically for the residents of Buda (Budapesta has 2 sides : Buda & Pesta), back in 1914.

It was this lovely Café with its turn-of-the-century atmosphere.


Suddenly, it got me thinking about the idea of new starts, of dreams and ideas we’ve been keeping aside.

Pay attention to the sign the Universe sends you. For me, that was a sign to make understand I was passioned about writting.

That night I gave many thoughts to why I have been moved but I couln’t figure out the rest of this “story”.


  • Margaret Island

There are many things to do in Budapest. I must admit I was surprised by the activities the city offered. I was wondering, living so closely to this country, why have I never been to ?


My favorite place though, was this peaceful and zen island covered by landscape parks called “Margaret Island” in Central Budapest.


There, I spent a whole day, with a book and enjoying one of my favorite activities : “people-seeing”.


This Budapest trip raised a few questions in my mind :

One of the first things you should ask yourself is what’s holding your potential ?

Why did you hide for all those years ? Lack of confidence ? Lack of means or inspiration ? Discouregement ? Self-sabotage?

But the answers I was to find them later this same year.


  • Singapour

Exactly 1 month later, while I was in Singapour, I met this Indian entrepreneur, who kept talking about how he was crazy about coffee shops and since we were sharing the same passion, he invited the next morning to one of them close to the hostel.


We had a really nice conversation. I just love those kind of people with whom you can connect from the first 5 minutes you engage into a conversation and then, the rest just flows.

Then, he mentioned how he’d like to start playing music again after 6 years.


That thought made me realize there is NEVER to late to regain our will to engage into the passions that makes us who we are. Then I had a flash :

Oh boy . . . I was keeping this passion hidden for such a long time . . .

Yes, I’ve always wanted to be a writer. I’ve wanted to be able to smell the fresh aroma of coffee for hours and hours and hours, trapped in my attempts to find inspiration.

I litteraly couldn’t sleep that night thinking how my first book’s cover is gonna look like and what’s the next article I will write or the next coffee shop where I will write it.

Yes, I am dreamer. I am also called “naive” and “too optimistic”. But I am not a follower.

And what’ve been told is that only dead fish go with the current.

So go against. It is not gonna be easy, that’s why most of the people just drop it. Because is HARD.

But the moment you’ll realize that life is designed to be hard, you’ll know how to live it.

Don’t just spend your lifetime caring about not dying, but fully live it. Create, make something happen, be alive and be grateful for this gift you have been offered !!!



PS : Enjoy a charcoal ice cream in Budapest 😀


To my amazing friend, Gyanesh



Unbury your passions. Give life back to them. They desire to be alive, just the way they make you feel.

Live the life you create, not the one that’s given to you.

Everything is possible and life is just a decision away from being amazing.

Article for finding your passion and follow it

Book I recommend :

by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi

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