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“You jump off a cliff

and you assemble an airplane on the way down.”

– Quoted by Reid Hoffman, the founder of Linkdin

What makes entrepreneurship such a rewarding experience ?

Well, the greater part of us would say it is just about following a trend,

but actually it is about inspiring ideas and making a difference

along with pushing your limits through personal development.


Even though from the outside it may seem like a piece of cake,

the truth is that it’s hard work, with many doubts along the way,

with rarely successful exits and many tough decisions to make,

which aren’t always white or black, but most of the times gray.


You may change your mind a thousand times and you may be insecure,

but the next day, you find even more reasons to keep yourself busy,

focus to accomplish your dreams, become stronger and more mature,

’cause, as a wise quote says, all things are difficult before they are easy.


Goals are the hidden drivers, pushing ourselves to do whatever it takes

and life should be driven by forces greater than only the assets,

by the constant pleasure to learn rather than the fear to make mistakes.

As in the end, we only get old when we replace dreams with regrets.


Dedicated to an inspiring mentor,

along with a special feeling of gratitude


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