Gender Equality ?

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“Assaults against women and children are assaults

against any potential positive future for the world.”

Bryant McGrill

Success and likeability

are positively correlated for men.

For women, in contrary,

things are not quite the same.


’cause when men are successful,

both genders appreciate them.

A woman is most of the times, likely

to be subject to condamn.


When success puts her on spotlights,

people of both genders begin to like her less,

girls push off the brink the laws of Human Rights

and become jealous on her success,

her earings or her dress.


And a man’s regard’s doubtful and suspicious

and congratulates her victory with a false esteem,

like women minds were all malicious,

chasin’ to steal what in fact belongs to him.


Gender equality does not imply

that women and men are just the same,

but that they should have equal number

of cards during one game.


Empowering women is an indispensable tool

for advancing development and reducing poverty,

but until this slow process becomes a rule,

they must still fight for gainin’ their authority.


The proof is on the lines the history wrote.

Since they have started this battle many years ago,

when they didn’t even have the right to vote,

the materialization of facts is still goin’ slow.


Society still associates each gender

with behaviors, tasks and roles.

While a woman plays as a defender,

man is the one who scores the goals.


Advertising today still stereotypes women,

sexually objectifying them, promoting body image

in more subtle ways, though,

makin’ this rather look like one privilege.


Men are typically expected to be decisive,

direct, athletic, strong and brave.

Women’s stereotypes are derisive:

weak, forgiving and home-slave.


Why are they symbol of vulnerability,

weakness and lack of strength

while they represent the world

with slightly more than 50 per cent ?


Gender-based violence, harmful traditional practices,

economic discrimination- a social and cultural norm,

are qualified as fair, bein’ neglected by justice,

while the legal right of women stays the one to conform.


Discrimination and likeness

are two things that must be split.

Meanwhile, the equality of genders

will stay nothing but one myth.

* This is an article about sexisme,

the position of women in society

and the myth of gender equality.

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