Money, money, money

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Money makes the world go ’round

“While money can’t buy happiness,

it certainly lets you choose your own form of misery.”
– Groucho Marx

It is not a matter of simply being greedy,

competitive and ambitious,

but developpin’ a wildly vicious

and unhealthy attitude toward money.


The strange thing is, the more we make,

the more we got attached to them,

and it is not their belongin’ to condemn,

but the position we’ve decided to take.


It is easy to blame the poor for being poor

and claim that the rich are rich because…

they have brain matter in higher dose.

However, reality is more obscure.


What is money? a stack of bills?

a medium of exchange, a measure of value?

A door leadin’ to success, but with no issue,

a shortcut to reach the top of the hills?


Perhaps the easiest way to find out

what’s the role of money in our age

is to consider what would change

if the whole world lived without.


It is no longer a fiction,

our rush for money has become this ritual:

we see a rich man as an evil individual

who promotes this wealth addiction.


’cause of  their mass wealth accumulation,

we see the very rich as “spiritually sick”,

exhorted to constantly seek

more and further worsening their addiction.


They develop the fear of losing them

despite the amount they already posses,

and while they definite it as “progress”,

they cover themselves in gold and gem.


Wealth must have stayed a tool for investment,

for development and for change,

but the current facts outrage

when we  call for a self-assesement.


When love, family or personal heath

become no longer our priority,

they can no longer restore our clarity

to see the limitations of material wealth.


The stack of money in one’s pocket

is what makes a friendship be created

and human quality has been related

to the size of one’s wallet.


Profit, auction and stock market,

the consumption and production

are weapons of mass destruction,

and people are their weakest target.


That’s the period humanity faces

in our complex society,

where money means notoriety,

on a purely selfish basis.


Which one of us can assure

that we haven’t already sold

our souls for material stuff,

and that we’re not blinded by gold?


Well, our attitudes are such a bluff,

as we’ll never stop from feelin’ poor,

enough will never be “enough”…

and of that we can be sure!

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