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“Our bodies must not become the slaves of new technologies,

but the other way around!

We still have a heart, we still bleed… “

SMART vs HEART – Is it this new era’s war ?


I had a dream into the future,

and when I woke up

my body had lines of suture

but in my mind, it was like a gap.


Suddently, my memories were clear,

and I was retracing that plot:

Looked like I was in a spot-

had a broken reverse gear,

as I had become a robot,

my mecanism could only lead

forward and with high speed.


First, I thought it would be fun

the adrenaline of this time travel

but back from this crazy run

I start seeing what was evil.

– –

Breakfast time! people around one table

forcing me to eat- in vain,

because I was no longer able

to feel the taste of food again.


The others didn’t understand

and ask me to drink a coffee,

then I set ‘yes’ for this command,

I had no choice but to agree.


As I tried it, I felt no heat,

and as it was flowing in my pipes,

wires made short circuit

which started givin’ me strange vibes.


They made me believe I was

“despicable, sort of a rotter”,

because after a silent pause

a women who called me “daughter”

start asking me why I seemed drifted,

while her eyes started to secret

some kind of colorless liquid.


Then , they said something about feelings,

and reclaimed that I had not

any emotion in front of things

But it was too late for that:

I had become a heartless robot.

– –

If my pessimistic guess is true

we should fear destroying nature

and start thinking it through

before voting in its favor.


The Singularity is near:

When humans transcend biology,

and techonology enters the sphere

of our minds psychology.


How long will we be able to feign

that our future won’t be dreadful

and that computers can’t drain

the whole life out of us.


‘Cause we stopped to be careful,

and they suddently became thus,

billions of times more powerful

than the unaided human brain.


No need to connect the dots,

we’ve already our prognosis:

The Future is all to robots

But… will we be able to notice?


* This is an article about the evolution of new technologies

and their impact on our daily lives.

The question that comes with it is:

Will we be strong enough to stay humans

against new waves of innovative smart objects?

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