Take that flight

“If you can’t live longer, live deeper.”

– Italian proverb

map-marker-icon Asia

Take that flight to that journey that not only will shake your life to the core, but will give you a totally new vision : a more clear and bright one.

That trip will make you change the course of you always you thought you were.

That trip that will never allow to be back to your previous self, but to this new shiny lovely version of yourself.

That trip that will make you know who you truly are, what you want and how you want your life to be like.

That trip that will make you understand the tough moments you thought where obstacles are actually just like any other step you take.

That trip that will make you lose the notion of time and dive into this magic mysterious chaos called life.

That trip that will bring you more friends than you ever thought Facebook’s servers can store.

That trip that will make you fall in love with yourself and the world.

That trip that will make you discover the wonders of this world and that will make you want your life to be of the size of a backpack and your heart as huge as the whole Earth.

That trip that will make you dance so long you never though your feet could resist.

That trip that will put a smile on your face you will never be able to erase.


GO for that trip !



Follow my Asian trip :)


1. Thailand HERE

2. Singapore HERE

3. Indonesia (Yogyakarta HERE)

4. Bali (trip canceled due to the volcano threaten) X

5. Vietnam (Hoa Lu HERE, Hanoi HERE & Sapa HERE)


Partying with American people in Bangkok, trekking with Australian and Dutch in Sapa, laughing with Vietnamese, quality conversation with Indian in Singapore, discovering Indonesia with Swiss, cooking with Thai people, learning from Thai kids, trip on Island with French, biking with Mexican in Thailand, inspiring thoughts from Californian in Malaysia and so on;