The Chaos Algorithm

“Make your OWN rules and live your life based upon them.”

– innerworldly


Posted : 08 – 10 – 2017

  • Why ?

Frustrated ? Out of energy ? Out of hope ?

Do you feel like your life is running under a system that is not yours ?

I’ve been there too.

Say goodbye to stiff predefined plans. Upgrade your life to this new myself 2.0. version using the chaos algorithm.


  • For who is this experiment designed ?

To all of you interested in self development.

You have watched all those videos and talks from successful people, maybe you’ve read their books as well and you know how they got there.

Bu still, you might be wondering how you can apply it to your life, so you can reach you craziest goals. The thing is : if everything you’re searching for remains outside of you, you’ll always be chasing it, as you compare it to other examples and not looking enough inside yourself (that’s where the magic happens).

This experiment is NOT a “how-to-do list” that will have to follow. NO !  Remember : you have ALL the tools inside yourself to achieve ANYTHING you want.

During this 100 days, you will be able to discover those tools and start using them. As simple as that.


  • What’s the aim of it ?

Do you wanna know why none of the plans you have “bought” from others didn’t work the way you planned ?

Well, I wish I knew it before, so with this experiment I want to help you figure it out as well. Consider this :

You have mainly 2 ways to live your life/

#1 – The first one I call it the circle way : completing mindless tasks every day and get lost into self-indulgence, let yourself be carried away in a straight line, waiting for the “perfect time” and not do anything about it

round-motion-rotate-arrows-circle-512. . . . . . . . . . . round-motion-rotate-arrows-circle-512. . . . . . . . . . round-motion-rotate-arrows-circle-512

#2 – The second one is the trekking way : not an easy one, but the one that will get you to the top; Improving yourself by taking a step forward everyday


Self-development is not choosing the “easy” road, otherwise we’d be all famous and successful and not none of this self-help books would be useful anymore. Sounds logical, right ?

The chaos algorithm is an experiment I tried inspired from my travels and is a technique that will help you become your most authentic version, just the way it helped me.

  • But why should I be authentic ?

– Achieve your most desired goals or at least give you the right path to it
– Remove limiting beliefs and self-sabotaging patterns
– Be unapologetic about your amazing innerworld and why you feel in a certain way considered “different” from the others
– Make happiness your natural way of life and never lose it again

–  Feel freedom from fear and live with flow (self-accomplishment, purpose and passion)


  • For which kind of goals is this going to working ?

Mainly everything you deeply want to achieve. But be careful though, sometimes we think that what we want is also what we need. So, we should choose goals that are aligned to our innerworld.

If you have no clue of how you can use this to become a better person, here’s a list of the top 7 things and in my experiment, I’ll be using as examples in every step of the experiment :


#1 – Confidence (believe in yourself and feel ready to “offer” your best gifts to the world)

#2 – Shape (be fit and healthier, with more energy, gain the best shape ever)

#3 – Passion for work (be productive, love Mondays, create a life you don’t want to escape from)

#4 – Money (better manage your money and use them to “buy” experiences, not collecting things)

#5 – Fulfillment (using your potential for yourself and others too, find your creativity and use it)

#6 – Peace (knowing who you are and your purpose)

#7 – Happiness (be grateful of what you have and appreciate life more)

  • How ?

Now, choose the one (the ones) that you want to attract in your life. For the best results, I recommend you to focus only on a few of them (or one) and use the experiment again for the next 100 days.

How do you know that this is going to last even after 100 days ? It’s simple : you will attend this version of yourself you will love so much, you’ll never wanna go back to your previous one :) Sounds great, isn’t it ?

Keep in mind that this is only theory and that everything happens in the action ! So start taking steps towards it.

Do you remember when you were a kid and you enjoyed learning ? Well, self-development should be a fun way to learn as well. We were so curious and eager to learn about ourselves and about life and we were amazed with every discovery. You never run out of resources to improve yourself, so you can never say you don’t have anything new to discover in yourself. You will be surprised of how much potential you have and new feature you had no idea you had.

So, let’s play !

Game on !

Soon to be posted :) 98 more days starting from the date I posted.

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