We have time

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“Here we are, trapped in the amber of the moment. There is no why.”

– Kurt Vonnegut Jr.

We have time.

We have time for everything,

We have time to sleep, to run in vain,

to read and to write,

to correct what we have written and to write it again.

We have time to judge people and to forgive ourselves,

to regret our mistakes and to make them again.

We have time to reach the sky

until our plane crashes,

We have time to make illusions and later on,

spread their ashes.

We have time for ambitions and egos,

to blame destiny and details,

We have time to desert our boat

while our ship still sails.

We have time to forget our questions

and delay answers,

We have time to forget to sing

and become dancers.

We have time to shatter a dream,

and then renew it back,

We have time to color our world

and then, paint it in black.

We have time to learn lessons,

and then forget their meaning,

We have time to love intensely

and then forget the feeling.

We have time to receive gifts,

and not bother to understand,

We have time to write notes

and bury bottles in the sand.

We have time to give ourselves time,

and then lose it into the action.

We have time for everything,

still . . . so few time left for compassion.

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